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Makishima Yuusuke is my bebe!

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better angle of ryo’s picture.
i hate rendering lips and nose but i have to

nishikido ryo

nishikido ryo

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^^ Uwa hello thank you very much for following me ; v ; I really appreciate it!! umm I just wanted to say I'm Lotti its a pleasure to meet you!! I hope you have a wonderful day <3
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hi Lotti!! :) thanks for the follow! i really appreciate it! are you a johnny’s fangirl too? hee!!

lets be friends

challenging myself to a #copic portait of @u_and_you Shirota Yuu. its still a #wip though adjustments tomorrow. #commissionsaccepted




(via bananasaurr)

shirota yuu wip
copic portrait by littlemissmarikit

sooo tired will finish tomorrow


The great Daigo!  This is another hairstyle that I really want to do.  It’s actually kind of close to my current hairstyle so maybe on my next haircut, I’ll try to have it cut even more closely to this! :D


Brother-sister collaboration
Love Stage!! anime <3
Eiki Eiki-sensei introduced me to DAIGO

recent art :)

ueda tatsuya project littlemissmarikit

Portrait of Masuda Takahisa
art by: littlemissmarikit

just got back from hospital. i missed you guya